The days of dull and drab meeting spaces have bitten the dust, with employers and venues alike realising that inspiring surroundings have a direct impact on attendee’s creativity. Working in a creative space is a constant reminder that good enough is never good enough, a reminder to push the boundaries and strive for success. It is a key way for the walls you surround your team with, to emanate your business ethos. Creative spaces don’t have to be located in famous buildings, or have any extreme statements like fireman poles or jungle themed rooms as featured in Google Offices. Quite simply, a tranquil setting, games area, or a stunning design office mural can all help to stimulate interaction and creativity. A well-designed environment will keep your tribe happy, inspired and motivated.

One group of hotels that have really impressed their guests, is The House of Daniel Thwaites. Thwaites Meeting Spaces successfully capture their business ethos and have evolved into flexible and contemporary areas that primarily succeed in making a powerful first impression. Head of Interior Design, Rachel Wootton, says “The aim with all the designs is to create spaces that inspire, energise and ultimately increase the delegate’s productivity. At the House of Daniel Thwaites, the bespoke nature of the spaces – the colours, location-specific features and flexibility of the rooms are great features that we’ve developed and continue to do so.

Creative event space at The House Of Daniel Thwaites

Across all of their hotels and inns, there is a diverse mix of creative spaces that are each designed and developed to aesthetically flow with the rest of the property’s decor. This cohesiveness is integral to make delegates feel at home and able to relax. Their collaborative, multi-functional rooms have been intricately designed, utilising a range of thoughtful aspects such as mood lighting, colours, furniture flexibility and productivity enhancing technology.

Creative event space at The House Of Daniel Thwaites

The reason why the correct lighting in a working environment is so vital is because it directly influences our circadian rhythm, our daily natural cycle. Natural light increases positive moods, alertness and thus productivity. All meeting spaces within The House of Daniel Thwaites have been fitted with LED lighting. Their use of spotlights are subtle and modern, with a dimming system to give delegates full control. Lighting has also been exposed to enhance wall features and TV’s. In contrast to this, blackout blinds are in place, to deliver theatre-style presentations or cinema evenings, to reward hard-working delegates at the end of a long working day.

Colour selection also plays a key part in influencing mood and energy levels. Bright colours have purposely being chosen to increase impulses and promote positive energy. In case you were wondering specifics, yellow, blue, green and orange are essential colours to improve mood and alleviate stress, thus perfect for a meeting space to boost team morale and engagement levels.

Creative event space meeting room at The House Of Daniel Thwaites

Andrea Nelson, Head of Sales at Aztec Hotel & Spa, explains the impact of our well thought through design: “Delegates love the non-corporate approach to our meeting space and how light and modern they are with the nod to the local area such as the mural of hot air balloons synonymous to Bristol.

Creative event space items

More importantly, furniture is evolving in its own right across the board of offices and meeting spaces. Expectations see the decline of standard chairs and tables, replaced with modular tables that assist productivity, facilitated by added tech features and informal seating such as beanbags, exercise balls and lounge chairs. But Thwaites recognises the importance of comfort, correct posture requirements for delegates and employs Boss Design to provide flexible yet sturdy seating options with ergonomic finishes such as their bean bags with flamboyantly designed backs. Their designs are also easily adaptable to outdoor use, perfect for use during summertime and teambuilding events.

Outdoor event space at The House Of Daniel Thwaites - ergonomic bean bags

So if you are looking for ice breakers, ways to channel creativity or ideas to kick-off a brainstorm, look no further than properties within The House of Daniel Thwaites. They triumphantly introduce a sense of fun to meetings without sacrificing the need for practicality. With meeting spaces as enticing as these, why would anyone consider working from a one-dimensional meeting room when they could be grafting in one of these?

To find out more or to book a creative space at The House of Daniel Thwaites hotels for your next meeting or event, speak to our venue experts today. Call: 02034 785 277 or email:

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